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Installation and Configuration
Installation : OpenEdge Installation Prerequisites : Windows-specific installation considerations : Integrating OpenEdge with Windows Explorer : Shortcut menus
Shortcut menus
A shortcut menu allows you to perform an action on a file by eliminating several steps to accomplish the task. OpenEdge enhances this feature by adding context-specific options for each file type. For example, to edit the Sports database from Windows Explorer, right-click the sports.db icon and choose Edit in Data Dictionary (single-user) from the shortcut menu. If you do not use the shortcut menu, this same action requires several more steps.
To view the shortcut menu for a specific file, right-click the file. A shortcut menu appears with context-specific options.
To add to or change your default shortcut menu options, choose View® Options® File Types from Windows Explorer. In the Registered file types list, choose the OpenEdge file type you want to modify and click Edit.
The command line for each shortcut menu option includes a full PATH to the OpenEdge executable. If you move this executable to another location, you must modify the PATH.