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Installation and Configuration
AdminServer Authorization and Authentication : Setting authentication option to start servers administered by the AdminServer

Setting authentication option to start servers administered by the AdminServer

OpenEdge products such as the following use the AdminServer: AppServer, WebSpeed, OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ, OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer, and Web Services Adapter. You can set the AdminServer security using the AdminServer user and group authorization feature. It allows a level of security that enables only authenticated operating systems users and groups to access and use the admin services.
To effectively set up this security option for your AdminServer use, review your security needs and current authenticated operating system users and groups to determine how you will set up this option during the OpenEdge installation process.
You can set up the AdminServer security by authorizing specific users who are member of a certain group or groups using the AdminServer User-Group Authorization. If you do not set up the group authorization all the users are authorized to start the AdminServer.
You set this option on the command line to require an individual user and/or groups of users to provide valid values during the AdminServer startup process. It requires you to add a comma separated list for Windows and a colon separated list for UNIX while installing OpenEdge. Only the authenticated users are allowed to start the AdminServers.
Note: If you want to edit groups post-installation, edit the entry Windows Registry Editor > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE >PSC> AdminService > Startupcmd for Windows, or edit the daemon startup script that runs proadsv.