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Installation and Configuration
Installation : OpenEdge Installation Prerequisites : Windows-specific installation considerations : Saving an existing OpenEdge or Progress installation in Windows : Saving an existing installation
Saving an existing installation
To save an existing installation:
1. Copy any templates that you want to continue using to another location before installing OpenEdge.
2. Copy your current progress.ini file to a directory other than where you are installing OpenEdge if it contains information that you want to continue using.
3. Copy any customized procedure or code files in the directory where you are installing OpenEdge into a different directory.
For more information about saving previous versions of your progress.ini, customized procedures, or code files, see Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows
4. If you have OpenEdge installed, and the PROMSGS environment variable is set on the Environment tab of the System settings in the Windows Control Panel, you must remove the PROMSGS environment variable before installing OpenEdge. If PROMSGS points to an old or nonexistent PROMSGS file, the InstallShield utility will not write all the necessary data to the Windows registry.
Caution: You must perform as described if your current installation meets the criteria defined. Otherwise, you will have unpredictable and undesirable results
5. Truncate the before-image (.bi) file using the PROUTIL TRUNCATE BI utility and back up your existing database using the PROBKUP utility. For more information about these utilities, see OpenEdge Data Developement: Database Administration.
OpenEdge requires that your databases be converted to a multi-volume structure. If you were using single-volume databases with Progress Version 8 or Version 9, you must convert your OpenEdge databases to a multi-volume structure before converting the databases to OpenEdge. You must truncate your BI file before you convert it. If you plan to replace your current Progress Version files with OpenEdge 10, complete this step before you perform the installation to avoid erasing your current Progress Version files.
Caution: This conversion task involves many steps and requires that you plan each of them. To plan your steps, see the Resources to help you plan and save your current installation on <xResources to help you plan and save your current installation