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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Configuration : Understanding and using the AdminServer : Running more than one AdminServer
Running more than one AdminServer
If you plan to run more than one OpenEdge release, be aware of the following:
*You must run multiple AdminServers. That is, each release requires its own, dedicated AdminServer. For example, if you currently have OpenEdge Release 10.1C installed and in use and are adding OpenEdge Release 11.4, each installation requires its own unique AdminServer.
*You can use default port values for only one of your installed releases. Contention over default values among multiple installations must be avoided. Many of the port parameters will initially contain default values, and require modification. For example, -port, -adminport, and file (all of which can be set in the file, and the file which are used only if you are using OpenEdge Management) initially contain default values.
It is recommended that you evaluate your port configuration needs before running a second, or additional OpenEdge installation in production mode. This pro-active effort helps to ensure that duplicate ports do not conflict in their attempt to use identical default values. See Performing the task from the Windows desktop for an example of the file.
Note: The default value available for the -adminport is automatically changed for each major OpenEdge release.