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Installation and Configuration
Installation : UNIX Systems Installation Requirements : UNIX system requirements : Requirements for running OpenEdge applications
Requirements for running OpenEdge applications
The following table lists the minimum requirements for running OpenEdge applications.
Table 11. Minimum requirements for running OpenEdge applications
A character terminal attached to a host computer.
Note: OpenEdge does not support spacetaking terminals unless the terminal has a firmware setup option to change it to nonspacetaking mode.
Networking libraries must be installed on your machine.
Multi-user OpenEdge configurations connect UNIX-to-UNIX through the OpenEdge-supported network protocol TCP/IP. You can also connect to a UNIX server from a Windows client through TCP/IP.
Installed JDK components. See the table JDK and JRE version details for the current versions of JDK releases.
* Product and application dependencies
* File descriptors