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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Administration Utilities : Removing license for installed product : Removing license from UNIX platform
Removing license from UNIX platform
To remove a license:
1. Enter the following command in the command prompt:
Note: path refers to the directory (dlc) in which you have installed the software image. You cannot run proupdt if you are in the directory where you have saved the software image or the intended installation directory.
2. Press Enter.The Welcome dialog box appears.
3. Press Enter.The Product configuration data dialog box appears.
4. In the Product configuration data dialog box, press CTRL+R to display the Installed Product List dialog box. In the Installed Product List, Press the UP and Down arrow to traverse through the installed products.
5. In the Installed Product List dialog box, press Enter to select the product (s) for which you want to remove the license (s). A star icon appears against the selected product.
6. Traverse to the end of the Installed Product List and select Remove Selected License (s). The License Removal Confirmation dialog box appears.
7. In the License Removal Confirmation dialog box, type Y to confirm the removal of the license (s) or N to abort the process.