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Installation and Configuration
Preinstallation Checklist for Windows : Progress Dynamics (Windows 32-bit only)

Progress Dynamics (Windows 32-bit only)

Respond to the following points, preparing the values you enter in the Dynamics Options dialog box:
*Select the Install/upgrade Dynamics repository check box to create or upgrade the icfdb repository file in the default location C:\OpenEdge\WRK\databases, or select another directory location: ______________________________________.
*If you plan to develop Web applications with this product, proceed with one of these tasks:
*Select the Copy the Progress Dynamics static HTML files to the Document Root Directory option to copy the static Dynamic Web files to your Web server's document root directory.
*Create a virtual directory on your Web server that points to the location of the static files. (The static files physically reside in install\tty\icf\ry.)