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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Configuration : Working with Unified Brokers : Configuring and starting Unified Broker instances : Prerequisites to configure and use Unified Broker products
Prerequisites to configure and use Unified Broker products
There are two preliminary tasks you must complete before you can begin configuring and operating a Unified Broker product:
*Configure all machines involved in product installation and operation — This task depends on how you plan to distribute your product and its applications on a network. For more information on configuring OpenEdge products on a network, see Configuration Models.
*Install the necessary product components — Typically, this involves installing, on one or more network machines, the OpenEdge Unified Broker product and additional software components that are required to use the product, such as OpenEdge client or Web server software. If you plan to configure fault-tolerant servers or use load balancing, you must install a product that includes load balancing, or install the load-balancing option for your product.
For more information on the OpenEdge product installation, see OpenEdge Installation Prerequisites Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows or Performing an OpenEdge Installation on UNIX or Linux and the Windows- or UNIX-specific online help. For more information on distributing resources in a Unified Broker environment, see Working with Unified Brokers.
Once you complete these preliminary tasks, you can configure and start up Unified Broker instances.