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NameServer and NameServer Load Balancing Details : Understanding server-level and connection-level fault tolerance : Performance implications of broadcasting

Performance implications of broadcasting

When you use UDP to send a specific host request, only the specified host examines the message to determine what port it was sent to and whether an application (like the NameServer) is running and listening to that port on the host. However, when you use UDP broadcasting, either for NameServer replication or to provide location transparency for a single NameServer, every host in the specified subnet examines the message for this same information.
Thus, using UDP broadcast might have a significant impact on the performance of your network if you have a large number of client applications that frequently connect to Unified Brokers. In deciding whether to use UDP broadcasting, you must weigh the benefits of location transparency for a single NameServer or replication of multiple NameServers against the impact on your Unified Broker and network performance.