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Installation and Configuration
Installation : UNIX Systems Installation Requirements : UNIX system requirements : Requirements for using Java : OpenEdge products that require the JRE
OpenEdge products that require the JRE
The JRE consists of the Java Virtual Machine, the Java Core Classes, and the supporting files. The JRE is the run time part of the JDK and does not include a compiler, a debugger, or development tools. You must have the JRE if you intend to use one of the following:
*OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer
*WebSpeed Transaction Server
*OpenEdge® Application Server Basic
*OpenEdge® Application Server Enterprise
*Java application or applet
*OpenEdge® Adapter for SonicMQ®
*Web Services Adapter
*Secure AppServer Internet Adapter (AIA)
You must have the JRE to execute Java stored procedures and triggers from the database.