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Installation and Configuration
OpenEdge Products and Components : OpenEdge Installation Products and Components in Windows : OpenEdge product components and subcomponents

OpenEdge product components and subcomponents

The tables in the following sections list the components and subcomponents that are installed for each product.
* 4GL Development System
* AppServer Internet Adapter (AIA)
* Client Networking
* NameServer
* NameServer Load Balancer
* OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB
* OpenEdge Application Server: Basic
* OpenEdge Application Server: Enterprise
* OpenEdge DataServer for MS SQL Server
* OpenEdge Development Server
* OpenEdge Enterprise RDBMS
* OpenEdge Personal RDBMS
* OpenEdge Replication
* OpenEdge Replication Plus
* OpenEdge SQL Client Access
* OpenEdge DataServer for Oracle
* OpenEdge Studio
* OpenEdge Ultra Controls
* OpenEdge Workgroup RDBMS
* Query/Results
* Data Object REST Management Agent
* Translation Manager
* Visual Translator
* Web Services Adapter
* WebSpeed Messenger
* WebSpeed Workshop
* OpenEdge Management SE
* Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
* OpenEdge Business Process Modeler
* OpenEdge Business Process Server
* SNMP Adapter
* OpenEdge TDE
* OpenEdge Multi-tenant Table
* Progress Application Server (Production) for OpenEdge
* Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (Development)
* OpenEdge Advanced Enterprise Edition RDBMS