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Installation and Configuration
Preinstallation Checklist for Windows : OpenEdge Authentication Gateway

OpenEdge Authentication Gateway

Respond to the following options to set the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway details:
*Accept the default or update the a name for the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway instance in the Instance Name field. The default value is oeauthserver.________________________________
*Accept the default values or update the provided value a port to be used for HTTPS in the Port field. The HTTP and Shutdown ports are disabled for the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway instance. ____________________________________________________________
*Enter the user name to be used to log into the server as an administrator in the User Name field.____________________________________________________________
*Enter the password for the administrator user name in the Password field.____________________________________________________________
*Validate the password in the Confirm Password field.____________________________________________________________
*Specify the directory the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway instance is unzipped to in the Location field.____________________________________________________________
*Click Next to continue the installation.____________________________________________________________