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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Working in the OpenEdge Environment in Windows : Windows 64-bit : Notes for the 64-bit GUI client
Notes for the 64-bit GUI client
Note the following for 64-bit GUI client:
*The 64-bit Windows GUI and character clients ignore the CDECL, PASCAL, and STDCALL calling conventions if they are specified in an external procedure declaration. The 64-bit Windows GUI and character clients always use the standard 64-bit FASTCALL calling convention.
*The 64-bit GUI client supports JPEG (.jpg), Windows Bitmap (.bmp), Windows Icon (.ico), TIFF (.tif), PNG (.png), and GIF (.gif) image file formats.
*The 64-bit GUI client can load and use .NET assemblies compiled for the x64 (64-bit) and Any CPU configurations.
*The cscomb32.ocx, cslist32.ocx, and csspin32.ocx controls that are available for the 32-bit GUI client are not available for the 64-bit GUI client. The only OCX control that is available for 64-bit GUI client is pstimer.ocx.
*OpenEdge products for Windows 64-bit include a 32-bit version of Report Engine.
The following products include the Microsoft .NET Open Client interface .dll files, allowing customers who use the Open Client interface to develop 64-bit applications:
*OpenEdge Workgroup RDBMS
*OpenEdge Enterprise RDBMS
*OpenEdge DataServer for ORACLE
*OpenEdge DataServer for Microsoft SQL Server
*OpenEdge Development Server
*OpenEdge Application Server Basic
*OpenEdge Application Server Enterprise