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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation on UNIX or Linux : Installation overview : Performing the installation : Navigating though the Installation Utility
Navigating though the Installation Utility
The Installation Utility is designed to programmatically present the dialog boxes for which you need to enter data, according to the products you are installing and the type of installation you choose to perform. Record your input on each dialog box and advance to the next dialog box at your own pace. The specific controls you use to advance to the next dialog box or return to a previous dialog box are identified on each dialog box. Highlight a menu option using the SPACEBAR key, the TAB key, the CURSOR keys, or the accelerator keys that are highlighted in each selection on the dialog box.
You can generally use the Cancel control to toggle back to a previous dialog box to review and/or update your choices to date. Cancel also allows you to quit the installation at any time before you commit to your selections. You are also given the option to not install any installation files at this time, and you can begin the installation process again at a later time.
Some dialog boxes also have unique buttons that allow you to complete a procedure or reset default values.