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Installation and Configuration
Command and Utility Reference : Installing and managing keys and digital certificates : mkhashfile


Provides a simple way to install a root certificate in the OpenEdge root certificate store of a client machine. Such a certificate can be authorized by your own internal-use Certification Authority (CA) or by any CA that can provide you with a PEM-encoded certificate.
Operating system
mkhashfile PEM-certificate-pathname
Pathname of a PEM-encoded certificate file (typically with a .pem extension) containing a root certificate that you want to store in an OpenEdge root certificate store. The command creates a copy of this file with a hashed filename and places it in the OpenEdge-install-dir/certs directory of the client machine. The generated filename becomes the alias for the root certificate store entry.
You can use certutil to manage the root certificates that you install with this utility. For more information on managing root certificates in the OpenEdge root certificate store, see certutil and Managing OpenEdge Key and Certificate Stores.