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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Windows Installation Requirements : Required third-party applications : Microsoft .NET Framework
Microsoft .NET Framework
If Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 is not currently installed on the system where you plan to install OpenEdge, and you are installing any of the development products listed below, the OpenEdge Installation Utility automatically launches the Microsoft .NET Framework installation once installation of the OpenEdge products is complete. As part of the installation process, you are required to explicitly accept the License Agreement for the Microsoft .NET Framework.
The development products that require the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 are:
*4GL Development System
*OpenEdge Development Server
*OpenEdge Studio
*Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
*OpenEdge Ultra Controls
OpenEdge installs the English version of the Microsoft .NET Framework. If you require a different language version, you must install it before you install OpenEdge. Frameworks in additional languages are available from the Progress Download Center at
If you plan a Silent installation that includes OpenEdge products that require Microsoft .NET Framework, you must verify that the .NET Framework software is available on the system you are installing on before you initiate the installation. Otherwise, the Silent installation process will terminate. The License Agreement must be accepted interactively.
If you are installing only deployment products, the core installation process gives you the option to install the .NET Framework if needed during the installation, by checking the appropriate check box. For Net Setup, the installation process gives you the option to install the .NET Framework if needed. The .NET Framework installation is saved in your OpenEdge installation directory during the core install for this purpose. For WebClient, the installer does not contain the .NET Framework installation. The WebClient Application Assembler provides the ability to embed and install the .NET Framework when your application is deployed.