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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation on UNIX or Linux : OpenEdge Silent installation overview : Uninstalling OpenEdge on UNIX and Linux operating systems : Manually removing earlier OpenEdge versions
Manually removing earlier OpenEdge versions
OpenEdge version contains an uninstall command you can use to safely remove your software. To remove previous versions (for example, version 9) of OpenEdge, you must manually uninstall components.
To manually remove earlier OpenEdge versions:
1. Log in under the same domain and user name you used when installing OpenEdge.
2. Ensure that OpenEdge is not running, and close all OpenEdge processes, including any online Help files you might have open.
3. Delete the OpenEdge program directory, including all of its subdirectories.
4. Shutdown any Web server running on your system and delete any OpenEdge-specific Web server files (such as cgiip.exe and wsisa.dll) from the Web server cgi-bin/scripts directory.
5. Reboot your machine and follow the installation instructions in Performing the installation.