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Installation and Configuration
Installation : UNIX Systems Installation Requirements : UNIX system requirements : Requirements for using Java : Java versions
Java versions
To determine what version of Java you currently have on your operating system, type java -version at the command line.
If Java software is not supplied with your installation package, you must verify that it is correctly installed on your system, according to the previous criteria.
To ensure that the correct Java version is properly installed and recognized by the OpenEdge installation:
1. Install the certified JDK to be used with the OpenEdge release before you install OpenEdge.
2. Verify that the JDK is located in the $PATH environment variable to ensure that the OpenEdge installation can tailor the java_env file.
The $PATH environment variable must point to the correct Java installation before you run the proinst utility. Otherwise, the system default Java executable's version is referenced from the PATH; the system default is not necessarily the correct Java version for the OpenEdge installation.
3. Verify that the JDK is located in $JAVAHOME/bin environment variable so that the Installation Utility can find it. (The JAVAHOME PATH is the Java installation directory.)