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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Configuration : Overview of OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer : Introduction
OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer is a system administration utility that provides a consistent interface in which specific OpenEdge products can be managed. OpenEdge Explorer supports common administrative tasks and activities you can use to start and stop processes, and to manage, configure, and validate properties for specific OpenEdge products. The AdminServer process enables supported products to address their specific requirements. The AdminServer also supports various management utilities to provide similar configuration and management functions for all of these products. For a complete list of products that use the AdminServer, see OpenEdge products supported by the AdminServer.
Some OpenEdge products administered through and managed by OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer are designed to help manage an application's resources. For example, these products are based on receiving and sending requests through brokers. Brokers poll for available resources (that is, client and agents), attempting to fulfill these requests. OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer facilitates the common administrative tasks and configuration activities that are fundamental to the technology these broker-based products use.
OpenEdge products that support broker functionality include:
*Unified Brokers — WebSpeed, AppServer, DataServer for MS SQL Server, and Oracle DataServer
*Adapters — AppServer Internet Adapter, Web Services Adapter, and OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ
*Messengers — CGIIP, WSASP, WSISA, and WSNSA
Data for each Unified Broker product is stored in a common text file called file. The file stores the property and configuration information for each Unified Broker. OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer, and tools like the mergeprop utility, help you use to manage the contents of these files.
This chapter focuses on the Unified Brokers and how OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer supports them to manage an application's resources and make these resources available to clients.
Note: The OpenEdge database is another key product that is part of OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer. In contrast to the Unified Brokers and their relationship to the file, all configuration changes made to any database administered through the AdminServer are stored in the Configuration Manager properties ( file. For information on OpenEdge database administration, see OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.