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Installation and Configuration
Installation : OpenEdge Installation Prerequisites : Support for multiple Eclipse frameworks : Integration after installation
Integration after installation
The Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge plug-ins can be integrated into an additional Eclipse framework after the OpenEdge install has competed with the use of an integration script, <openedge-install-dir>\oeide\integrateArchitect.bat.
Integrate the OpenEdge plug-ins to an additional framework as shown:
proenv> cd <openedge-install-dir>\oeide
proenv> integrateArchitect.bat –install <path-to-target-eclipse>
If the target Eclipse framework is invalid (either not a valid Eclipse location or invalid Eclipse version) the script does nothing, and exits. If the script executes successfully, the script integrates the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge plug-ins into the specified eclipse location, and the location is stored for references by uninstall and service pack updates.