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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : Additional product installation activities : Installing additional products
Installing additional products
You can add other OpenEdge products to your current installation by following the steps outlined in Installation overview.
Note: You must shut down the AdminServer before you can successfully add additional products to a current installation.
When the installation process detects the existing version of OpenEdge, a Warning dialog box appears, notifying you of the existing version's location, as shown:
Note: When you add products to an existing installation, you can use the installation utility in batch mode regardless of the type of installation (complete or custom) that you are performing.
To continue with the installation:
1. Choose Yes to continue with the installation. The Welcome dialog box appears.
2. Choose Next. The Serial Number and Control Codes dialog box appears.
3. Enter the serial number and control numbers and choose Accept for each product you want to add to your current installation.
4. Choose Next. The Progress License Agreement dialog box appears.
5. Review the information and choose Yes. The Choose Destination And Working Path Directories dialog box appears. The install program deactivates (grays out) the Browse associated with the Destination Directory field and adds your OpenEdge products to directories automatically.
6. Accept the default directories and continue with the installation.