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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation on UNIX or Linux : OpenEdge Silent installation overview : Performing a rolling upgrade of OpenEdge Management : Installing a new console
Installing a new console
After upgrading the sotftware on your monitoring system, the next step in a rolling upgrade is to install a new console.
To install a new console:
1. Install OpenEdge components to a new directory.
2. Install OpenEdge Management to a new directory.
3. Create a new file in the new FATHOM/config directories and define the httpport.
Note: When defining a new port number for httpport,use a different number than 9095.
4. Copy the FATHOM/db/fathom.o* files from the old console to the new console.
5. Start the new AdminServer and configure OpenEdge Management.
6. Within OpenEdge Management, in the Trend database location, select Store trend data in a remote Fathom database. In the Remote database hostname and Remote Fathom web server port fields, specify the location of the existing OpenEdge Management application.
7. To enable remote monitoring, stop the new AdminServer and execute the following command:
fmconfig -enable -port 6836
Once you have installed the new console, you can bind remote servers to the new installation.