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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Windows Installation Requirements : Required third-party applications : Infragistics NetAdvantage
Infragistics NetAdvantage
If you are installing the OpenEdge Ultra Controls in Windows, there is a dependency on both the Microsoft .NET Framework and the Infragistics NetAdvantage for .NET v2013 Vol 1UI Controls.
The OpenEdge Ultra Controls can only be installed if one of the following development products is also being installed, or you are adding to an existing installation where the development product is installed:
*Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
*OpenEdge Studio
*4GL Development System
*OpenEdge Development Server
The NetAdvantage installation process launches after the OpenEdge core installation completes. If the installation of the Microsoft .NET Framework is also required, it is installed before NetAdvantage. The .dll files containing the Net Advantage controls are installed into OpenEdge-install-dir\bin\infragistics\winforms.
The NetAdvantage files are inserted into your installation in the OpenEdge-install-dir\bin\infragistics\winforms subdirectory when the development products listed previously are installed, and when the following deployment products are installed:
*OpenEdge Personal RDBMS
*Client Networking
For a Web Client installation, the Web Client Application Assembler is responsible for installing the NetAdvantage files.
NetAdvantage has its own Help subsystem this is automatically installed with the product. To access online help for NetAdvantage, which is available on its site, press F1.