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Installation and Configuration
Configuration Models : Configuring OpenEdge on a network operating system : Granting user access rights

Granting user access rights

After making OpenEdge network resources available and setting resource attributes, you might have to grant access rights to client users and Application Server machines in the network. Depending on your network, these access rights can include attributes such as read, execute, or open permissions that you must set for each user. See the network documentation for details about how to grant user access rights.
Note: User rights in an Application Server configuration are assigned to the machine where the application server resides, not to the user's client machine.
Remember that an OpenEdge database server can be a user on your network. Like application workstations, it might need user access rights granted to it. If you locate any database files on your network file server, be sure to grant the OpenEdge database server the necessary rights to access the network directory that contains the database.