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Installation and Configuration
Command and Utility Reference : Installing and managing keys and digital certificates : gendomreg


Creates an encrypted registry file that can be used to seal a client-principal token. It is most often used when the token must be validated against multiple domains. Multiple domain_name,access_code pairs are specified in a formatted CSV (Comma-Separated Value) text file.
Operating system
gendomreg domain.csv registyfile
The filename of the CSV-formatted text file that contains a list of domain name and access code pairs. The domain name must be separated from the access code by a comma. Each pair must appear on a separate line.
For example:
Notice that the first line ( , ) references the OpenEdge default blank domain, which supports user credentials where domains are not specified
Warning: Since the CSV is a clear text file and might be read by almost anyone, be sure to remove it from your server and save it in a secure location.
The filename of the encrypted registry file that GENDOMREG generates, which can be used to seal a client-principal object.
Note: You can copy registyfile to the /webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/config directory of a PAS for OpenEdge instance, such as the OpenEdge Authentication Gateway.