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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : Running the Silent installation option for the Shared Network Installation Utility : Executing NetSetup with the Silent installation option
Executing NetSetup with the Silent installation option
Once the response file exists, the installation process using the silent mode can be initiated.
To initiate NetSetup with the Silent installation option, enter the following command on the command line to run NetSetup in silence:
drive:\destination path\netsetup\setup.exe -psclog[C:\<path-to-file>] -s
drive:\destination path\netsetup
The path to where the NetSetup utility resides on the server in the OpenEdge product file structure.
The command to run the NetSetup program.
The required parameter to run NetSetup in Silent installation mode. This parameter is also optionally used to identify a path to a log file that contains information about the status of the silent installation.
The log file created by the installation program is called PscNetSetupMsg.log.
The required parameter to run an installation without requiring user interaction. This parameter is executed with the setup.exe to run a silent installation.
Specifies the name of the response file. By default, the install will look for the file setup.iss in the same directory as setup.exe is located.
The following example shows the typical contents of the PscNetupMsg.log file:
[Progress NetSetup Messages]
Message=Setup is complete. You may run the installed program.
Message=Completed Successfully.