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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation on UNIX or Linux : OpenEdge Silent installation overview : Data input options for a Silent installation
Data input options for a Silent installation
The following table identifies and briefly describes the two types of data inputs you can use to perform a Silent installation.
Table 23. Data input options for a Silent installation
Data input options
Automatically generated response.ini file
An OpenEdge interactive installation automatically creates a response.ini file that contains the installation values you originally entered in fields on the dialog boxes. It is stored in your install subdirectory in your installation directory, OpenEdge-install-dir. The file is immediately available for you to play back to start a Silent installation.See Understanding the response.ini file contents for more information and an excerpt of the response.ini file.
User-initiated programmatic method
Provides Application Partners (APs) a streamlined approach to integrate the OpenEdge installer into an application installer. Using this method, an AP can access the automatically generated response.ini file to programmatically create an OpenEdge installation response file. When the AP's application is installed on a customer site, the OpenEdge installation information is read from the response file, enabling the customized install to be performed silently. For more information about this method, see Creating data input option.
Note: You can choose to edit the response file. However, keep in mind that any modifications to the automatically- or programmatically-generated response file can be time consuming and error prone.