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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : OpenEdge custom installation bundle utility overview : Creating a custom installation bundle for Windows
Creating a custom installation bundle for Windows
Using the command window, you can create an installation bundle for the specific products that you want to install.
1. Open the command window.
2. Type the OpenEdge media location along with setup.exe -generate_product_bundle command as in this example and press Enter : c:\users\abc\openedge\116\cdimage\setup.exe -generate_product_bundle.
Note: Make sure that this path contains the cdimage so that the command can locate it to create the installation bundle.
The Welcome dialog box appears.
3. Click OK. The Serial Number and Control Code dialog box appears.
4. Enter the serial number and control codes for each product that you want to include in the new installation bundle manually or click Load to read a license addendum file. The serial number and control codes indicate the products that are to be selected for the installation bundle.
5. Click Next to continue. The Progress Media Bundle Location dialog box appears.
6. Click Browse and navigate to the directory where you want to create the new installation bundle. The new installation bundle is saved to this location.
7. Clik Next to continue. The Summary dialog box appears.
8. Click OK. A status message is displayed indicating that the installation bundle is being created. The Finish screen appears after the installation bundle is created.
9. Click OK to end the process.
10. Run the OpenEdge installation from the new installation bundle location to install the selected products.