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Installation and Configuration
NameServer and NameServer Load Balancing Details : NameServer overview : Configuring NameServer communications

Configuring NameServer communications

Both clients and Unified Brokers use User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to communicate with NameServers. UDP is an Internet standard, combined network layer, transport layer, and session layer protocol that provides a mechanism for connectionless communications. The connectionless nature of this protocol affords built-in benefits, such as the ability to implement fault-tolerant NameServers for client connections.
To establish a Unified Broker connection, a Unified Broker client must specify the location of the NameServer that provides the connection. To register with a NameServer, a Unified Broker must specify the location of the NameServer where it needs to register. To specify the NameServer location, both components must know the UDP port number (or service name) on which the NameServer is listening and the host address of the machine where it resides.
* Specifying NameServer ports and hosts
* Editing the services file