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Installation and Configuration
Configuration Models : Client/server and OpenEdge AppServer in the network environment

Client/server and OpenEdge AppServer in the network environment

The OpenEdge client/server architecture fits naturally into a network environment, allowing clients and servers to run together in many different (heterogeneous) hardware and operating system environments. On a network, the OpenEdge client and server processes are distributed to separate nodes where they communicate through a common network protocol. Some nodes run client processes, while others run server processes. One advantage of this is that adding users or databases has minimal impact on the machine resources used by others. Each has its own resources devoted only to its client or server tasks. Another advantage is that a single OpenEdge application can take advantage of the strengths of a multi-machine, multi-operating system environment, without regard to differences in file resources on the separate machines. Remote OpenEdge clients and servers interact transparently, regardless of the type of machine environment in which they run. The result is a cooperative application environment with many more possibilities for expansion.
* OpenEdge TCP network support