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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Configuration : Understanding and using the AdminServer : Changing the startup setting
Changing the startup setting
For most product installations, the AdminServer is set to Autostart. You can change this setting to Manual mode.
To change the startup settings from the Windows desktop:
1. In Windows operating systems, choose Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Services. Select the AdminService for OpenEdge 11.4 and double-click. The AdminService for OpenEdge 11.4 Properties dialog box appears. Choose Manual in the Startup type field, then choose OK.
Note: If Administrative Tools is not available, right-click from the Task Bar. Choose Properties, then select the Advanced tab. Select the Display Administrative Tools check box, then choose OK.
2. Modify the [PluginPolicy.Progress.AdminServer] group of the $DLC/properties/ to use additional command line startup options.
Note: On UNIX PROADSV is a command-line utility that you can enter on theProenv command line to support OpenEdge administrative capabilities. PROADSV allows you to start up, shut down, and query the status of the AdminServer, among other tasks. See Command and Utility Reference for detailed syntax information.