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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation in Windows : Running the Progress Dynamics Configuration Utility : Before you begin
Before you begin
Before you perform the procedures described in this section, note the following:
*The DCU completes the installation by building a new icfdb Repository database or by upgrading an existing one from a previous release. (Consult the Release Notes for the most specific details about upgrading to the latest Progress Dynamics release; this step is most important to users who are upgrading from earlier versions of the DCU.)
*The DCU does not require ABL to run. You can use the DCU to deploy Progress Dynamics to client sites that do not have the compiler installed.
*The DCU launches directly after the OpenEdge installation completes provided the following conditions are met:
*You are installing Progress Dynamics as a component of either OpenEdge Studio or Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge.
To install Progress Dynamics as a component of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, you must select the component on the Configuring / Installing Components dialog box. The Progress Dynamics component supports the AppBuilder functionality within Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. Therefore, you must select the Progress Dynamics option on this dialog box to enable it in Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. For more information, see Preinstallation Checklist for Windows
*During the OpenEdge installation, you select the Install/upgrade Dynamics repository option on the Progress Dynamics Options dialog box.
After you choose Finish in the InstallShield's Complete Setup Done dialog box, an OpenEdge session starts up. Then, DCU wizard starts by displaying the Progress Dynamics Configuration Utility - Welcome dialog box.
The DCU performs its work in a progressive and re-entrant fashion. If for any reason the DCU does not complete its work, or if you quit the utility before it finalizes, you can rerun it (from the command line or a shortcut) to complete its work. For more information about the DCU, see OpenEdge Development: Progress Dynamics Administration.
Note: The DCU does not remove any part of a Progress Dynamics installation.