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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Administration Utilities : UNIX troubleshooting tips : Altered or missing progress.cfg file
Altered or missing progress.cfg file
If you receive the following error message, the progress.cfg file has been altered or deleted from the directory where you installed your OpenEdge products:
Unable to read progress.cfg, reason=-1.
If you receive this message, you must reinstall the OpenEdge product.
Caution: Do not alter or delete the progress.cfg file, as this will cause the OpenEdge broker startup to fail.
The following table lists the reasons for an altered or missing progress.cfg file.
Table 36. Reasons for altered or missing progress.cfg file
Could not find OpenEdge-install-dir/progress.cfg
Bad checksum; invalid file
Could not read the specified number of bytes; the file is truncated
Could not allocate enough memory to read the configuration file