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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Configuration : Working with Unified Brokers : Using default sample brokers : Additional Unified Broker characteristics
Additional Unified Broker characteristics
Each Unified Broker process, default or user defined, manages only one Unified Broker process instance of the same type. The Unified Broker process:
*Can register the following information with a controlling NameServer:
*The broker's location on the network
*The weight factor that you specify for load balancing
*The Application Services that you specify
Note: Keep in mind that the NameServer is not required. Therefore, the registration of a Unified Broker with the NameServer is dependent on your specific implementation. See NameServer and NameServer Load Balancing Details for more information about the NameServer and the Unified Broker and NameServer relationship.
*Manages connections between clients and the Unified Broker instance.
*Provides other services unique to a Unified Broker product. For example, it maintains the status of each ABL process running on an AppServer and scales the number of processes according to changing demand.