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Installation and Configuration
Configuration : Working in the OpenEdge Environment on UNIX : Understanding the built-in terminal definitions : Additional terminal identifier considerations
Additional terminal identifier considerations
The following points are relevant to terminal identifiers:
*The Terminal identifier table, is complete as of the print date of this guide.
*The IBM native console terminal type hft is not supported.
*OpenEdge does not support spacetaking terminals, unless the terminal has a firmware setup option to change it to a non-spacetaking mode.
To determine your terminal identifier if it is not listed in terminal identifier table:
1. Try to run OpenEdge using a terminal definition for a terminal that functions similarly to yours, or try to configure your terminal to emulate one of the supported terminals.
Note: Progress Software Corporation does not support terminal emulation.
2. In the directory where you installed your OpenEdge product, find the PROTERMCAP file that contains terminal definitions.
Note: All terminal types supported by OpenEdge are documented in the $DLC/protermcap file.
3. Search through the PROTERMCAP file to see if your terminal is listed. The PROTERMCAP file is similar in structure to the UNIX /etc/termcap file. Each terminal type is followed by a description of that terminal. For more information about the PROTERMCAP file, see OpenEdge Deployment: Managing ABL Applications.