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Installation and Configuration
Preinstallation Checklist for Windows : OpenEdge Business Process Server

OpenEdge Business Process Server

Respond to the following options if you are installing the OpenEdge Business Process Server as a recommended component or as a stand-alone product (downloadable from the Progress Download Center):
*Select the JBOSS Community Edition or JBOSS Enterprise Edition option button. If you selected the JBOSS Enterprise Edition option, type the path in Location to enter the location of the destination folder that contains the JBOSS Enterprise Edition installation.
*Accept the default or update the port values provided in the Business Process Application Server dialog box. Select Advanced to specify additional JBOSS port details.________________________________.
Note: You cannot enter duplicate port numbers or leave the port fields empty. The range for the port numbers is 1024 to 49151.
*Accept the default values or update the provided value in the Portal URL in the Business Process Server Portal URL dialog. ____________________________________________________________.
Note: The Portal URL is generated using the host name and the domain name of your machine where you are installing Business Process Server. The valid format is http://<host_name>.<domain_name>:<port_number>. For example,
*The OpenEdge Business Process Server requires you to create a database for OpenEdge. Proceed as shown in the following table in the Business Process Server Database Details dialog box:
Requires you to...
Server Details
Enter the port number.
Note: If you are installing all the components, Database name displays oebps because the name of the OpenEdge database you use during development is oebps.db. If you are installing only OpenEdge Progress Developer Studio and have selected OpenEdge Business Process Server for PDS check box in the Configuring/Installing Components dialog box, it displays oebpsdev because the name of the OpenEdge database you use during development is oebpsdev.db. We recommend you not to change the Database name.
OpenEdge Database
Verify the Location for storing the database files.
Note: We recommend you not to change the Location.
Create Database
Select to create the database.
*Accept the email details provided in the Email Configuration dialog box or update values as:
Requires you to...
Outgoing Email Server
Enter the address used for sending email from Business Process Server.
Administrator Email
Enter the details for configuring the Business Process Server email properties.
Incoming Server
Enter the email properties for receiving email sent to Business Process Server if you want different email servers for incoming and outgoing mail.