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Installation and Configuration
Preinstallation Checklist for UNIX : OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB

OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB

Respond to the following points if you are installing the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB in either of the following situations:
*As a stand-alone product (downloadable from the Progress Download Center).
*As a component of another product, such as the OpenEdge Application Server Enterprise Edition and 4GL Development System, and you want to install the adapter. (If you do not want to install the adapter, choose No to bypass the adapter choices during the installation process.)
Note: The OpenEdge installation program does not automatically install OpenEdge Sonic ESB samples. For more information on installing these components, see OpenEdge Development: Messaging and ESB.
*Accept the host name default value provided for the Container Name field or define a different container name; it must be unique to the Sonic management broker: __________________________________.
*Accept the default values provided for the Domain Name, Connection URL, User Name and Password fields, or define unique values for any of these fields: _______________________________________________________________. The OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB requires the configuration of the Sonic Management Console to administer OpenEdge Services. Proceed as shown in the following table:
If the Sonic Domain Manager is installed ...
Then ...
On a machine on which you are installing all other OpenEdge products
During the installation, select the local directory in which the Domain Manager resides. Specify your choice in the SonicESB Home Directory field: ____________________.
On a machine remote from all other OpenEdge products you are installing
As a postinstallation task, you must manually configure the remote system's Sonic Management Console, using the installation instructions available in OpenEdge Application Server: Administration.