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Installation and Configuration
Installation : Performing an OpenEdge Installation on UNIX or Linux : OpenEdge Silent installation overview : Checking the status of the Silent Installation log file
Checking the status of the Silent Installation log file
The Silent Installation process automatically generates a log file, in which all messages—error and successful installation—are reported.
The following is an excerpt from the typical contents of the OpenEdge Installation Utility log file:
OpenEdge Installation Utility log file
OPENEDGE INSTALL UTILITY LOG <VERSION 11.4> (Wed Sep 27 11:30:52 2006)

Information=[09-28-2011 15:07:59] Unable to locate file /etc/progress.

ResultDescription=The install completed successfully.

Event1=[09-28-2011 15:10:34] The Setup Utility is extracting archives

Event2=[09-28-2011 15:11:32] The Setup Utility has extracted archives

Event3=[09-28-2011 15:11:35] The Setup Utility has tailored files.

Event4=[09-28-2011 15:11:37] The Setup Utility has merged delta files.

File=[09-28-2011 15:11:34] /etc/progress has been created successfully.

File1=[09-28-2011 15:11:34] /usr/dlc/bin/OE_TC has been tailored successfully.

File2=[09-28-2011 15:11:34] /usr/dlc/bin/proenv has been tailored successfully.
Extension1=[09-28-2011 15:11:41] /usr/dlc/bin/rptlr.dll has been executed successfully.

Start=[09-28-2011 15:11:41]
Finish=[09-28-2011 15:11:55]