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Identity Management
How is OpenEdge Identity Managed? : OpenEdge authentication

OpenEdge authentication

As described elsewhere (see OpenEdge Getting Started: Core Business Services - Security and Auditing), in OpenEdge, authentication is the process of:
*Ensuring that a user who accesses a software system is who they claim to be based on user credentials that they provide
*Providing a secure and portable means of identification (a sealed security token) for a successfully authenticated user, so their identity can be recognized throughout the system
*Validating this user identity in every component of the system before it can be used to authorize access to system features and data
OpenEdge provides a common authentication mechanism for all OpenEdge database clients and this section describes the supported authentication operations. For a more detailed overview of how to configure and implement authentication, see Configuring and Implementing Authentication in OpenEdge.
* Authentication operations
* User authentication process
* Single sign-on (SSO) process