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Identity Management
What is Identity Management? : OpenEdge identity types and their applications : Authentication mechanisms for other OpenEdge components

Authentication mechanisms for other OpenEdge components

OpenEdge uses different authentication mechanisms for the following components:
*OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer:
*Database Administration Console (DAC) — Authenticates user identities against an operating system file of user accounts on disk. Supports the option to use the DAC user ID and password for managed database connections.
*Unified Broker command-line utilities — Authenticates user identities directly against he OS user accounts.
*OpenEdge DataServers:
*OpenEdge schema holder database — Authenticates user identities in OpenEdge domains like any other OpenEdge database connection.
*Foreign data source — Authenticates user identities as defined by the security system for the foreign data source. Some OpenEdge DataServers pass specified User ID (-U) and Password (-P) connection parameters to the foreign data source for authentication.