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GUI for .NET Primer
Preface : Sample procedures

Sample procedures

The optional OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET installation includes a number of Infragistics sample procedures that have been implemented in ABL. Each sample is contained in its own folder and can be run independently. Each sample folder contains these files:
*readme.out — Describes sample code
*runner.p — Launches sample code
You can access the sample files and details for installing the samples from the following locations:
*A self-extracting Documentation and Samples file available on the OpenEdge download page of the Progress Software Download Center
*The OpenEdge Product Documentation Overview page on Progress Communities:
Once installed, you can locate the example files for this manual in the following path under the OpenEdge Documentation and Samples installation directory:
To compile and run these sample classes and procedures:
1. Install the samples from either location.
2. In the installation directory, locate the samples for this book under the following relative directory path:
3. Start a Proenv window.
4. Change to the directory with runner.p and run this command:
prowin32.exe -p runner.p