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GUI for .NET Primer
Controls in Forms : Control sources : OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET

OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET

The OpenEdge Ultra Controls for .NET (Ultra Controls) include additional controls that can be used for developing OpenEdge GUI for .NET applications. These Ultra Controls are a set of supported Infragistics NetAdvantage Windows Forms controls that provide built-in features different from those provided by the Microsoft controls. These built-in features allow developers to create forms with sophisticated user interfaces primarily by setting a rich set of properties.
OpenEdge supplies samples that provide examples of using the Ultra Controls. They are found on the self-extracting Documentation and Samples file available on the OpenEdge download page of the Progress Software Download Center under the following relative directory paths:
Infragistics provides detailed documentation and help on these controls. While this documentation is written assuming use of a .NET language, the description of a control and its properties and events are all relevant for its use in ABL. You can access this documentation in the following ways:
*Visit the vendor's web site. For more information on OpenEdge Ultra Controls, see the API Reference Guide under Windows Forms at the following location:
*Open the control in the OpenEdge Class Browser to see control definitions using a modified ABL syntax.
*Press F1 after you place the control on the form within Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Visual Designer. The online help on the respective vendor site opens.