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GUI for .NET Primer
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OpenEdge Controls

OpenEdge provides four notable controls, OpenEdge Window Container (Progress.Windows.WindowContainer class), OpenEdge ProBindingSource (Progress.Data.BindingSource, ABL User Control (Progress.Windows.UserControl), and ABL Inherited Control:
*OpenEdge Window Container — The Window Container is an OpenEdge .NET container control used for embedding an ABL window in a .NET form. This control, which is available in the Visual Designer Toolbox, can serve as an aid to migrating your existing GUI to GUI for .NET. This control is placed on a form and is designed to fill the area in which it is placed. The Window Container is similar to the ABL FRAME.
*ABL User Control — The User Control is the base class for building ABL custom user controls.
*OpenEdge ProBindingSource — The ProBindingSource is an OpenEdge .NET, non-visual control used to bind ABL data to one or more .NET UI controls that support data binding.
*ABL Inherited — The ABL Inherited control is used to create a customized control from a given class.
Note: If you do not find ABL User Control and ABL Inherited Control on the design canvas, add it from the Toolbox from File > New options.