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Guide for New Developers
Configuring OpenEdge : Working with AppServers

Working with AppServers

The OpenEdge AppServer is a standards-based transaction engine that provides a reliable foundation for high-volume secure transactions, and user interface independence.
By partitioning applications and separating the business-processing logic from the user interface logic, you can access applications through virtually any interface. Centralized business logic then improves productivity by providing you with a single point to manage access to data and processes. Since the business logic executes separately from the application user interface, a wide variety of clients can be used to scale up to support aggressive growth strategies.
Figure 4. OpenEdge AppServer Technology
A few key benefits of the OpenEdge AppServer include:
*Provides direct access to the same business logic from a wide variety of OpenEdge and common industry technology, giving you many options for how your application interacts with your end users.
*Decouples the physical hardware location from your application, providing flexibility in setting up and maintaining your operating environment.
*Supports asynchronous processing for faster application response time.
*Ensures reliability by offering load balancing and failover Reduces hardware requirements by providing state management.