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Guide for New Developers
Preface : Purpose


The purpose of this manual is to provide an introduction to the functionality and features of Progress OpenEdge® Application Development Platform. OpenEdge is the complete development platform for building dynamic multi-language applications for secure deployment across any platform, any mobile device, and any Cloud. The OpenEdge Application Development Platform helps accelerate your application development process. It is a scalable and open platform that is compatible with any database, user interface (UI), and operating system.
In addition to providing a general description of the components and reference architecture, this manual includes tutorials that describe how to create, test and deploy applications in the Development Platform. It also provides references to further documentation on how to use these components and features for application development, deployment, and administration.
The tutorial is not meant as a guide for the application architecture or the coding practices that you would use to implement a real-world application. Rather, it is meant to show the power and flexibility of the OpenEdge Application Development Platform and how to quickly customize the components and start using it.