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Guide for New Developers
Preface : Organization


Introducing OpenEdge Platform
Introduces the OpenEdge Platform, and presents a comprehensive view of the components of OpenEdge.
Understanding OpenEdge Reference Architecture
Provides information about the OpeEdge Reference Architecture (OERA), an overview of the high-level application architecture, OpenEdge client-server process architecture. and the OERA design principles.
An overview of ABL
Presents a comprehensive view of ABL, Object-oriented programming with ABL, and also explains the ABL Class-based model and its members.
Configuring OpenEdge
Introduces OpenEdge Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) architecture components and how they work together to support a running database. It also provides information about the different environments in which your databases can operate, and how to configure OpenEdge by setting up your ABL development environment.
How to get started with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge
Introduces the basics of getting started with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge and the Eclipse framework.
Creating your first ABL application
A guided tutorial that helps with the creation of a simple ABL application using the Client-Server technology. You will create an OpenEdge project, and procedure files for the Server and Client side of the application. The simple ABL application that you create will have access to an OpenEdge database. You will also assign the Server procedure file to an AppServer, and accesses and display the information received from the database using the Client file.