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Guide for New Developers
An overview of ABL : Accessing Data : Data Types

Data Types

The data type of a database field, temp-table field, or program variable defines what kind of data the field or variable can store. To allow better interoperability between OpenEdge applications and external products, OpenEdge provides additional data types and new features for some existing data types in ABL (Advanced Business Language).
Note: For a list of all the ABL data types, see OpenEdge Development: ABL Reference.
ABL supports the following basic kinds of data types:
*ABL built-in primitive types, including mappings to corresponding .NET primitive types
*Object types, which include both ABL and supported .NET object types, including both built-in and user-defined class and interface types
*ABL handle-based objects
*ABL arrays, including one-dimensional arrays of ABL primitive types,
*ABL object types, or
*.NET object types