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Guide for New Developers
Creating your first ABL application : Creating a new AppServer project

Creating a new AppServer project

You will use the New OpenEdge Project wizard to create a faceted OpenEdge project in a simple and configurable manner.
To create an AppServer project, follow the given steps:
1. From the workbench menu, select File > New > OpenEdge Project. The New OpenEdge Project dialog box appears.
2. Specify CustomerReport in the Project name field.
3. In the drop-down list of Project Type configuration, OpenEdge is selected by default. Change this to AppServer.
4. Click Next.
5. The Select AVM and layout options dialog box appears. You can use this page to specify the project runtime, the project source folder, and the project r-code folder. Keep all default values and click Next.
6. The Define AppServer Content Module page appears. Select the server that should publish the AppServer module as asbroker1 AppServer.
7. The Define PROPATH page appears. Click Next.
8. In the Select database connections page that appears, click Configure database connections. The Database Connections preference page that appears is used to maintain connections available to the project. The page provides a list of available database connections as defined for the workspace.
9. For this app that you are creating, you must add a new connection to the Sports2000 database provided with OpenEdge.
a. Click New to add a new connection profile where you can define a new workspace database connection.
b. In the Add Connection Profile page that appears, enter Sports2000 as the connection name.
c. Browse for the complete path name of an OpenEdge database. The sports2000.db is available in the <instalaltion_directory>/OpenEdge directory.
d. Enter localhost as the Host name.
e. Enter port as 5555.
f. Click Next until you reach the Define Data Server Configuration page.
g. Click Finish.
h. Click OK.
10. In the Select Database Connections page, select the database connection you just created and click Finish.
11. Click Yes when prompted if you want to open the OpenEdge Server perspective.
By default, the AppServer project you just created will be launched in the Project Explorer.