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Guide for New Developers
Creating your first ABL application : Configuring the AppServer and associating the AppServer module

Configuring the AppServer and associating the AppServer module

This section shows you how to work with the AppServer, associate the module to the AppServer, edit the AppServer properties, restart the AppServer, and publish the module.
1. Select the Servers view.
2. Double-click the asbroker1 AppServer. The Server Configuration dialog box opens in the Editor. Ensure that all your configurations are correctly set.
You use the Server Editor to view or modify the server properties that define the connection for OpenEdge Explorer and also the Broker. The Server Editor provides information on the following:
*General Information - Provides the host name and other common settings.
*Connection - Specifies the information on connection to OpenEdge Explorer.
*Publishing - Specifies when to publish.
*Timeouts - Specifies the time limit to complete server operations (Start and Stop).
*Publish Location - Specifies the server publish directory.
3. In the Servers view, right-click on asbroker1 AppServer and select Add and Remove. The Add and Remove dialog box appears.
4. The project, CustomerReport should be already selected in the Configured section of the dialog box. If it is not, select CustomerReport from the Available section and click Add and Remove to add the CustomerReport project to the configured section.
5. Click Finish.
The CustomerReport project is added and listed under asbroker1 server in the Servers view.
6. From the workbench menu, select Run > Run Configurations.
The Run Configurations dialog box appears where all the run configurations grouped by category are listed together.
7. Expand Progress OpenEdge AppServer and select asbroker1 AppServer.
A launch configuration defines the characteristics of the AVM instance under which the selected program runs. These characteristics include configurations such as startup parameters, PROPATH settings, and environment settings for the AVM session; database connections; and whether the program uses a dedicated instance of the AVM or the instance under which your OpenEdge project is currently running.
You can use the Configurations wizard to define all the launch configuration's characteristics. Although this wizard contains a large number of fields on multiple tabs, defining a launch configuration need not be a complicated task. In fact, with a single click, you can create and run a launch configuration that uses default settings, and then edit any of these settings, if necessary.
8. Select the Databases tab. Select the Show All option button to show all database connections available in the workspace. Sports2000 connection is listed.
9. Select the check box next to Sports2000 if not selected. Click Apply and then click Run to start the server.
This starts the AppServer and the status changes to Started in the Servers view.
10. In the Servers view, right-click on asbroker1 AppServer and select Publish.
The server status changes to Synchronized.