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An overview of ABL : Object-oriented programming with ABL : Advantages of Object-oriented programming within ABL

Advantages of Object-oriented programming within ABL

The following lists advantages of using object-oriented programming within ABL:
*Helps manage complexity while increasing productivity
*Improves code re-use by making it simple. For example, take an object that implements a stack. By inheriting the object into another object (like an error minder), the stack object immediately becomes part of the error minder with the error minder “adding value” to the stack object with error code translation etc.
*Code re-use can be instantiated in parallel. You can simply create an instance of the same object as many times as needed, thereby avoiding copy-paste option.
*Can “mix and match” object-oriented programming and ABL strengths with Procedural strengths
*Makes it easier for programmers to create abstraction layers. Programmers can easily implement modularization right from the conceptualize to the implementation stage.
*Increases application robustness
*Increases development productivity with encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism
*Helps implement OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA).
*Closely supports Service-oriented architecture (SOA)
*Ease of application maintenance
*Natural integration with:
*Modeling tools
*Other Object-oriented platforms